Insulated Bags

Are you looking for the most versatile way to carry hot or cold food and drinks when on the move? Insulated bags still remain the most flexible way to transport hot or cold beverages. As modern lifestyles become increasingly mobile, you will definitely need to take your hot and cold foods along with you.

Whether you are heading to a picnic or taking a delicious gift of food for a friend’s party, an insulated bag will never fail you. These bags are ideal as picnic coolers and for transporting wet gear, among other uses.

At Plastic Bag Source we have perfected the art of manufacturing durable and well-insulated bags making us the go-to wholesale suppliers for these insulated thermal food bags. We use eco-friendly processes and materials in the production of our Insulated Bags.

Our products are made from high quality Polyester. the use of these high quality materials not only guarantees a longer life, but also guarantees effectiveness. The Plastic Bag Source insulated bag, perfectly blends functionality through spacious insulated compartments and creatively designed exteriors.

At Plastic Bag Source, our designs are driven by customer needs. This has helped us build the largest inventory of environmentally friendly insulated bags available on one platform. Through research and development (R&D) we have come up with a diverse range of insulated bags that suit the needs of every customer.

With our ingenuously designed insulated bags, you are assured that your food and drinks will retain an ideal temperatures while you are on the move.