Paper Bags vs Plastic Bags Pros and Cons

Plastic bags have always been an integral part of every retail store. Renowned stores have always handed out plastic bags to shoppers with every purchase. Especially grocery stores always give out sturdy plastic bags that shoppers love to reuse.

Although plastic is not an environment-friendly material, still it can never be disregarded that plastic can be considered as the most functional and convenient form of packaging. Most of the people still include plastic shopping bags in their daily lives and all these bags have been a part of a purchase.

Just because plastic is always an environmental threat, the benefits of plastic can never be disregarded. still plastic is always a better option than paper bags.

Let’s check¬†advantages and disadvantages of paper and plastic bags:

Appropriate option for branding

When businesses run a store or a supermarket, it is always easy to print the brand logo on plastic bags. The business name, logo and other relevant information is easy to print on plastic bags. So if brands are looking for a way to increase brand awareness, then plastic bags are a much better option than paper bags.

Also, it is simple to make designs on plastic bags rather than on paper bags. Paper bags are difficult to handle and are subjected to wear and tear very frequently. The impact that businesses can have on minds of consumers is always better when it comes to plastic bags.

So when it comes to branding, plastic bags are always a better option than paper bags.

Paper Bags vs Plastic Bags – Which one is cost effective

For brands, plastic bags are a much cost effective option than paper or cloth packaging. One has to spend more amount of money for reusable cloth bags and paper bags. The plastic bag is a cheaper form of packaging than reusable cloth or paper bags.

So for brands looking for a cheaper yet sturdy option to hand out to shoppers, plastic bags can be your ideal choice.

Durable and weatherproof option

If we compare Paper Bags vs Plastic Bags, plastic bags are more durable. It can carry a considerable amount of weight than paper bags and reusable cloth bags. Resistant to extremes of weather, plastic bags can carry important stuff safely without any hassle. Paper bags are susceptible to damage because of rain and other weather extremes.

So goes the same for other forms of packaging including cloth bags. Plastic shopping bags can outperform paper and cloth bags in protecting contents of the bag easily.

Easy to open and pack

Plastic bags are easy to open, pack and also double up that saves a few more seconds. This is the reason cashiers use plastic bags to keep lines moving efficiently. Plastic bags take up less space than cloth shopping bags or paper bags.

Both from storage and cashier point of view, plastic bags are always a better option than paper or cloth shopping bags. These are considerably heavier than plastic bags and thus not a great option.

Multipurpose use

Plastic shopping bags are an ideal option for multipurpose use in day to day lives. They can be used to carry grocery items, lunch or important content on a day to day lives. You can also keep important papers in it and keep it safe in your wardrobe. Paper or cloth shopping bags are not ideal for multipurpose use as these are not a durable option. Ideal for storing miscellaneous items, the plastic shopping bags can be rinsed to clean it.

Biodegradable option

Plastic bags made from biodegradable materials can be broken down in a reasonable amount of time when thrown in the waste. Nowadays most of the printed plastic bags are made from biodegradable materials and are decomposed in a shorter amount of time.

Also a plastic bag consumes 40% of less energy to make and also causes 70% less solid waste than a paper shopping bag.

Most of the businesses, for example- department store, retail store or grocery stores opt for plastic bags to give away to shoppers with every purchase. At a much cheaper rate, brand awareness can be easily done with the help of these bags. Plastic bags with logo imprinted on it are always a great medium to let people know about your brand. Try to go for environment-friendly high-quality plastic bags that are not harmful to the environment.

There are many companies that take the charge of manufacturing the right plastic bag for your brand. You have to choose the one that meets your needs and the budget.

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