Why Is It Important to Recycle Plastic Bags?


A lot of attention is on plastic bags. In fact, they will be mentioned most of the time when one talks about recycling. Recycling plastic bags remains a hot issue as the world tries to deal with increasing pollution and the need to conserve energy. Humanity also desires to live in a clean and safe environment, but plastic bags are not providing that option.

On a single day, you are likely to encounter plastics in packaging and when out shopping. At the end of the week, you have a sack of plastic shopping bags stuffed somewhere in a drawer. Before long, the neighborhood is full of polythene papers that are flown by the wind. Experts are also complaining about the impact of plastics, and especially the single use plastics, on the environment. Marine life is the most affected.

Proper disposal is an option when people discuss plastic waste management. However, this approach has not been successful for the decades it has been proposed. The solution lies in recycling. This is a process of turning waste plastic into usable materials. But why would anyone take the trouble of recycling instead of producing new plastics? Here are the benefits of recycling plastic packaging materials.

1. Save Energy

The process of producing new plastic is energy intensive. It is also a complicated one that requires a lot of resources. It is a different story when you recycle plastic bags. Since they have already been processed, plastics require less energy and resources to recycle yet you end up with products of similar quality and value. It means that you will be spending less to produce similar plastics while still conserving the environment. This will reduce your production cost especially on the energy that is required for production.

2. Environment Conservation

There is hue and cry about depleting world resources and the need to conserve the environment. The process of producing plastics from scratch uses polythene materials that have to be extracted from petroleum and other products. When the plastics are recycled, new plastics are not used. This means that the process of producing the raw materials is cut off. This process of producing plastics is harmful to the environment because of fumes and energy used. It means that less oil and energy will be required. The environment will not be depleted in order to produce new plastics.

3. Waste Reduction

Recycling takes waste materials from the environment and turns it into useful products. Recycling plastic bags means that the plastics that have already been dumped into the environment will be withdrawn. This translates to the withdrawal of materials that are not biodegradable from the environment. You will no longer encounter this trash in your neighborhood, yet you will still enjoy your convenient shopping. Since the papers are recycled, it means that new papers will not be added to the environment. It creates the admirable culture of cleaning the environment through recycling. This is an admirable step that will be applied in many other fields.

Recycling also reduces the size of landfills. The danger of landfills is that the harmful chemicals and components used in manufacture of plastics sip into underground water. However, when recycling happens, the plastics are withdrawn from the environment. It means that people in the area are not exposed to the hazardous plastic waste.

4. Sustainable Use of Limited Resources

Resources around the world are not endless. This is why single-use products are discouraged. Through recycling, you promote sustainable use of resources. First, less energy is used in the process of recycling. This reduces the need for a lot of energy in the world. Further, the oil used in the manufacturing process will not be required. The plastics have already been manufactured. This means that you will be turning wasted plastic shopping bags into new products. You enjoy similar convenience when shopping or using plastics without depleting the resources available in the world. This approach discourages people from single-use plastics.

The idea that you can recycle plastic bags creates a culture of sustainability and environmental responsibility. People become conscious of the need to choose their packaging materials wisely and also dispose the materials in the appropriate way. Garbage collection companies are providing separate bins for different wastes. This culture is what encourages people to come up with alternatives. It makes people conscious of the need to conserve the environment. It is becoming one of the responsible ways to provide packaging materials. With less energy required and raw materials, recycling is a viable option for the world today.

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