How To Reuse Plastic Bags At Home – 8 Creative Ways

How To Reuse Plastic Bags At Home

The wave around the world seems to be against plastic bags. One of the proposed ways of dealing with this menace is to reuse plastic bags. Reuse also helps you to deal with that growing stash of differently sized plastic grocery bags hidden somewhere in your house.

Other than throw them away or continue living with the guilt of possessing banned plastics, here are thoughtful ways, how to reuse plastic bags at home.

  1. Reuse plastic bags at home for packaging

Do you need to send a parcel by mail or courier services? Wrap it in a plastic bag to ensure its safety and protects your parcel from contamination. It will also safe from water damage.

Reuse plastic bags at home to send candies and cookies since the plastic bags are food safe. You may also pack the foods or items for storage in the house. This will encourage the recipient to also recycle his plastic bags, including what you have sent.

  1. Collecting trash

Garbage bags are commonly available in homes but their size is prohibitive. You can only use one in a while yet you have several collection points.

For instance, each desk in an office will be gathering own litter. At home, each room could do with a bin for convenience. Only the kitchen can be served with the large garbage bin and when you need to take the garbage out.

You can reuse plastic bags at home to lined with bins to hold all kind of waste including the semi-solid type. When it is time to dispose of the waste, the paper will dump alongside the litter it holds.

  1. Reuse bags as disposable gloves

Gloves are convenient when cleaning the yard or working on the dirty corners of your home. However, they are expensive. Plastic bags are waterproof and can handle even the dirtiest places around the house.

Once you have collected your dirt, you will dispose of it with the paper. The section used for holding the litter is tied to your hands to make it convenient to collect the dirt without the paper slipping out.

  1. Packaging cushion

Fragile packages that need to be transported must be padded. This protects them from knocking on the sides and getting damaged in the process. Electronics are secured using special light yet bubbly materials.

These materials are not always available when you are moving or transporting your electronics to the repair shop. Use the plastics bags available to seal the spaces between these electronics and the carton. It will ensure that your package gets to your desired destination in one piece.

  1. Gardening accessories

Gardening even on a small patch involves a lot of bending and kneeling. Even with an apron, you will return with extremely soiled knees. You also want to protect your hands from the dirt and soil you will be dealing with at the garden.

Tie the plastic bag on your hands or knees to keep your clothes from excessive and unnecessary staining. It also ensures that your gardening clothes do not soak in water or other liquids in the garden. Sap from grass and other vegetation around your garden will easily stain your clothes. Kneeling on a plastic bag will protect your clothes from these stains.

  1. Picking up litter

Do you need to clean pet pop or pick litter from the yard? It is always advisable that you protect your hands with gloves.

However, gloves are elitist and expensive to buy. Wrapping a few plastic bags in your hands will enable you to pick the litter comfortably. This will cost you nothing and also helps you to dispose of the papers safely.

  1. Donate the plastic bags

There are institutions and stores that would do with extra packaging materials at the lowest price. Think of the thrift store or community library that needs to operate on a budget. Local daycare or preschool will also have a use for such bags.

This helps them to reduce operation budget and still run efficiently.

  1. Return them to the store

Packaging materials are a huge expense for stores. These stores will appreciate an opportunity to reduce this expense. Return with them during your next shopping trip or return the bags for recycling or other uses.

It ensures that they do not end up as litter that escalates the problem of garbage in your neighborhood.

There are numerous ways you can reuse plastic bags at home depending on your situation. Be creative to reduce the chances of these bags ending up as garbage and littering the entire neighborhood. You will be playing your part in conserving the environment and reducing your carbon footprints.

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