6 Advantages of Using Eco Friendly T Shirt Bags

6 Advantages of Using Eco Friendly T-Shirt Bags

Discussions on packaging materials that are friendly to the environment always revolve around plastics and paper bags. Unknown to many, there is a better way to get bags that will conserve the environment beyond being highly convenient in carrying items around. T shirt bags are the latest craze in the world. Before you begin wondering where this discussion is heading, let us look at the advantages of using eco-friendly t shirt bags over other options available in the market.


This is the buzzword for anyone talking about environmental conservation. Recycling means that the t shirt bags come from materials that would have otherwise be turned into waste. The use of such a bag means that you will be contributing towards an environmentally friendly human race. It is even made better by the fact that you can do the recycling without depending on pollutant factories. The materials used have already done their years and would alternatively end up in landfills. However, they are revamped into high-quality reusable shopping bags that are convenient to use and will enhance your environmentally friendly rating.


old t-shirts can be bought in the market or retrieved from the old bundle. This leaves you with zero-budget for raw materials. Further, you do not require sophisticated sewing materials to get the bag done. Ordinary sewing needle and thread are enough to get the work done. You end up with a trendy bag for a fraction of the price you would require to buy a similar quality bag. Beyond that, you will save on buying other bugs as well as avoid damaging the environment.


the bag is strong enough to hold any types of goods. You can use the t shirt plastic bags to shop for groceries, cereals, carry library books and even your laptop. This leaves you with an environmentally friendly option that can hold all the items you want to carry. In fact, different designs allow you to enhance the carrying capacity of the bag. You can carry these bags on your shoulders, back or other methods you wish to use without damaging the goods carried. There is no worry that your goods will spill or fail to get to your desired destination.

Easy to make

T shirt bags are the easiest bag to make in the market today. You only need a t-shirt, sewing machine, and thread. In place of the machine, an ordinary needle will work. The strength of t-shirts means that they can hold a huge amount of groceries or supplies. This is despite you being the tailor or maker of the bag, with zero sewing skills. In some cases, you only need to cut off some sections of your t-shirt and get a high-quality bag for your shopping. In fact, you can have a bag in minutes without spending a penny and get to the stores in style.


The bags join a list of the trendiest environmentally friendly bags in the market today. They include bags made of jeans and others from different fabrics. The only difference is that they are not conventional. They come in different designs and shapes, making them fit different user preferences. Further, the bags can be designed to take any shape that you feel will suit your desires. You can use the custom t shirts bags for your business needs. This leaves you with a bag that has excellent and trendy graphics. You can carry these bags anywhere and can use to transport anything you can imagine.


The bags are made from old t-shirts and other clothes yet will last exceptionally long. The t-shirts can hold a lot of weight and even withstand spillage without damage. This allows you to keep using the bag for years. In fact, you only need to wash the bag like you would do with your clothes. Put it in the machine like your other clothes and get it clean in minutes. It will continue serving you for years after sewing it. It is more durable than bags made of paper, plastics and other materials. This also makes it a cost-effective option.

Other than keeping growing landfills with old clothes, think of the eco-friendly bags made of t-shirts. They are easy to make and a trendy way to get your supplies from the stores. Since you do the sewing, you have a direct opportunity to make the environment cleaner. You will also reduce your expenditure on carrier bags for years and in the process save the environment.

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