Zip Lock Bags

Due to their wide range of applications, reclosable plastic bags and zip lock bags are very popular both at home and in businesses. While resealable packaging was first popularly used in the food industry, more people are discovering the benefits of these bags for a wide variety of uses. From packing electronics to the storage of food at home, these bags are highly versatile and their use will continue to grow.

Plastic Bag Source is a top-notch manufacturer and wholesaler based in the New York. We supply high quality zip lock bags ideal for use at home as well as for commercial purposes. We are a team of highly qualified designers with decades of experience making bags. Through extensive research, we have come up with innovative resealable packaging solutions to suit different types of applications. The bags we manufacture are recyclable and will give your products added protection.

Our reclosable plastic bags available in various colors and clear film to suit the needs of different clients. By customizing plastic bags, our clients can easily meet their branding needs to stand out from the crowd. With our innovative resealable packaging bags, we are committed to adding value to our clients’ products on the shelf. We use durable and environmentally friendly materials while manufacturing these bags, making them easily recyclable. With our resealable zip lock bags wholesale, retailers can now extend the shelf life of their products and promote environmental conservation.

Whether you are packing fresh foods, electronic gadgets, clothes or any other items, our re-closable plastic bags and custom zip lock bags offer a host of advantages from eco-friendliness to compatibility.

Plastic Bag Source is committed to meeting the highest industry standards in order to exceed the client's expectations.