Stand Up Pouch Bags

The modern business environment is highly competitive and crowded. Brands need to be more creative in their marketing to stay ahead. By using custom printed stand up pouches, any business can now stand out with their superior packaging. In New York, The modern shopper is looking for the innovative and Eco-friendly packaging solutions that these pouches provide exactly. With well-designed stand up pouch bags, we provide versatile retail packaging that is beneficial to both our retail clients and their target customers as well.

Plastic Bag Source is a Stand Up Pouches wholesaler and manufacturer based in New York. We understand the need for innovative packaging that meets the ever-changing demands of your customers and the industry. For this reason, our stand up pouches are custom designed with a perfect structure, that blends aesthetics and functionality. Our reusable stand up pouch bags uses less film while holding more content, making them cost-effective packaging solutions. We use renewable materials in the manufacturing of our stand up pouches so that they can be used for packing different items including food and beverages, household items, personal care products, to name a few.

Our pouch bags are made using a scientifically developed layer of FDA-approved food-grade film that can be customized to meet your branding needs. Our goal is to provide an ideal Eco-friendly packaging product that is also affordable. With our experience in custom printing, we promise to make the stand up pouches our client's source from us, a product that reflects the best of their brand.