Industry Definitions

Read this to understand how plastic bags are measured!

All bags are measured Width x Side Gusset x Height or Width x Height x Bottom Gusset. T-shirt bag height is measured from top of handle to bottom of bag.

Poly = Polyethylene = PE

A type of plastic commonly used for bags

HD = High Density

Tough poly material sounds crinkly when crumpled. This material can be thin, yet strong because of its toughness, however, due its lack of ability to stretch, sharp objects can cause it to puncture.

LD = Low Density

Soft poly material. No noise when crumpled and has a shiny finish. This material stretches easily, therefore making it hard to puncture.


A metric measurement of thickness (1 micron=1/1000 of a millimeter=. 001mm). Standard plastic bags range from 13 micron (thinnest) to 25 micron (thickest).


An English measurement of thickness (1 mil= 1/1000 of an inch= .001 in.). Standard plastic bags range from .5 mil (thinnest) to 3 mil (thickest).

Conversion from Mil to Micron

1 mil = 25.4 micron


Side or bottom opening of bag not seen when bag is flattened.


Cloudy plastic (translucent) as opposed to clear plastic.