Frequently Asked Questions

Art Questions

We normally email you a PDF file of your art sketched on a bag template, in actual size, for your approval before we begin production.

We prefer artwork in ai (illustrator) or eps (encapsulated post script) or format. All fonts must be converted to curves, or outlines.

You can email us the file and we can convert it for you for $20.

Yes. Please don't email files larger than 5 megabytes. If your files are larger than 5 megabytes, please contact us for our ftp site or send it with "" or "" etc.

We can create art for you at a cost of $80 per hour. For simple typeset, typesetting is free. Just email the information you would like on the bag and we will typeset it for you

Technical Questions

Low Density (LD) is a soft poly material, which makes no noise when crumpled and has a shiny finish. This material stretches easily, therefore making it hard to puncture. High Density (HD) is a tough material that crinkles when crumpled. Due to its' toughness, it can carry more weight in thinner gauges; however it can also be easily punctured since it does not stretch. High Density (HD) has a matte look and is easy to see through unless the material is black in color, whereas Low Density (LD) is opaque in most material colors. Linear Low Density (LLD) fits somewhere in between the LD and HD materials making it the best choice for groceries.

"Mil" is an English measurement of thickness while "micron" is a metric measurement. In general, LD bags are measured in mils while HD bags are measured in microns though they can be converted from one to the other as follows: 1 mil = 25.4 microns.

In T-shirt style bags: for HD material the standard range is 13 micron to 25 micron (equivalent to 0.5 mil to 1 mil). For LD material the standard range is 1 mil to 1.75 mil. In Die Cut or Patch Handle style bags, the standard range is 1.5 mil to 2.5 mil. In Soft Loop or Rope Handle style bags the standard range is 2.5 mil to 4 mil.