Rollstock Laminated Bags

Rollstock laminated bags are the next generation of packaging solutions that provide the best protection for your products. As the business world gets even more competitive, these laminated rollstock films come in handy for presenting your products on the shelf, making them an important business tool. These bags are sturdy and ideal for packing a wide range of items. The laminated rollstock film used in their manufacture allows for the printing of high gloss, high-resolution graphics that bring your brand to life.

At Plastic Bag Source the custom laminated rollstock films we provide, are tailored to meet the diverse needs of our retail and wholesale clients. We have invested in the latest plastic manufacture technology to provide a high-quality reusable bags that offers you superior strength and performance. Our custom laminated bags stand out due to the outstanding tensile strength that makes them resistant to tears and punctures. We have built a versatile packaging solution that suits the needs of all industries. We are committed to providing these bags in wholesale at the most affordable prices.

At Plastic Bag Source based in New York, we are driven by the passion to provide sustainable packaging. This is the philosophy behind our bags. Our reusable bags boast a lower carbon footprint as they are recyclable. By combining our innovative designs with the durability of the materials we use, we provide our clients with the ultimate packaging merchandise that is durable, functional, Eco-friendly and affordable. Order now to buy custom laminated bags in bulk.