Cotton Bag

Cotton drawstring bags are among the most visible types of flexible packaging in modern society. These bags are versatile, economical and highly functional, making them an invaluable item for every business. You can even use these bags to advertise your business and brand name as this will be highly beneficial for you. This can also be used as a gym bag as it holds a stylish look. They are reusable, affordable and can easily be customized making them perfect for different business applications.

At Plastic Bag Source we appreciate the growing need for promotional bags. We have created a line of highly versatile custom drawstring bags, that are suited to the advertisement and promotional use. These custom printed drawstring bags are either clear or made with a colored film to suit the needs of different clients. Our cotton bags are useful for display as well as to increase the shelf life of fresh products.

We make custom drawstring bags wholesale based on the client's’ brand specific needs including their name, color and size of the product they plan to put in the bag. All our products meet FDA and USDA specification for food packaging, and we are committed to maintaining the highest industry standards.

Plastic Bag Source is based in New York. We have the unique ability to protect the product while providing an impressive display at the same time. We use environmentally friendly materials in the manufacture of all our products. This goes a long way towards conserving our environment.

With our innovative packaging, you can now bring your brand to life. These bags blend beauty and functionality, providing a perfect combination for branding purposes.

Explore our vast selection of cotton drawstring bags and order now in wholesale.